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The Great War Society Website

 Great War Society

The Great War Society website, produced for members of a WW1 living history organisation based in the UK. The society exists to further the memory of the soldiers who took part in the Great War. Providing an oppurtunity for practical research into the uniforms, equipment and training of the First World War soldier, the group prides itself on recreating the period in a historically accurate manner.

The website's aesthetic reflects the Great War period, graphics of the website were designed with an aged look to give the feel of the period.

Interactive WW1 Gallery

A main section of the webdesign, the WW1 image gallery contains photos of the Great War Society members at various events and meetings. Selected members can upload, edit and manage existing photos and albums with the gallery via the administration section. A thumb-nailing function is used within the webdesign to resize the photos uploaded to the site automatically. This rules out the need for the photos to be optimised for the web manually before they are uploaded to the Great War Society website gallery.

Great War Society Events and News Sections

The Links, Events and News sections of the webdesign are also updatable by selected members. Files can be attached to the posts within both sections from within the admin section.

Secure Admin Section

The Great War Society also required the webdesign to include updatable elements that could be easily administered by their members. We provided a secure administration area within the site to allow selected members to update and edit the News, Links, Events and WW1 Gallery sections. The admin section also contains a help section to train new users of the admin area.

Search Engine Optimised

The Great War Society website has been designed highly rank within search engine query results for relative search terms related to First World War reenactment.

Website Sections

 Great War Society

The public section of the website is broken up into the following sections:

The Administration area contains the sections which can be updatable, along with a secure login section:

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