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 phonecards provider webdesign UK is an ecommerce website selling high quality phonecards and calling cards online or by mail order. These phonecards allow users to make cheap international calls. The company is one of the most popular UK based online distributors of phonecards. Constantly investing in the latest phonecard and calling technology, has a long history of satisfying it's valued customers. employed Beacon Webdesign to update and re-brand the entire aesthetic of the website to appeal to their main customer base of online users. The brief was to create a modern corporate image to instil confidence in the phonecards company within potential and existing calling card customers/users.

Latest Webdesign Layout Techniques

The 1st4phonecards website required a total code overhaul to make use of the latest webdesign layout techniques to separate the content of the website from design. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) were used whilst building the website to achieve this aim. CSS allows the company to easily manage content updates and reduce bandwidth costs due to the size of web pages being dramatically reduced.

As the 'back-end' of the website was already dealt with by the company's in-house web technical team, The role of Beacon Webdesign was to integrate the newly styled elements of the dynamic webpages with the existing shopping cart and phonecards call calculator functions of the 1st4phonecards ecommerce website.

Newsletter and Email Re-designs

The re-design of eNewsetters and other emails was undertaken by Beacon Webdesigns to incorporate the logo (also designed by Beacon) and maintain the new branding of the company and website. Emails were tested rigorously to confirm that they rendered correctly in a range of various email clients.

Website Sections

The 1st4phonecards website is broken up into the following sections:

All of the above sections have been re-styled and re-branded by Beacon Webdesign using search-engine friendly code, reducing bandwidth usage and enhancing accessibility to support a range of web browsers/screen readers. The phonecard company's modern-corporate aesthetic has been maintained throughout the website.

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