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Pretty Girls Make Graves Unofficial Website

 PGMG - Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Pretty Girls Make Graves Unofficial website is a media rich webdesign produced for fans of the Seattle based band. The website was built to create a friendly atmosphere where fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves can view the latest music videos, find the latest news, learn about upcoming tour dates and chat about the band in a community environment.

The webdesign's aesthetic reflects the style of the existing artwork of the band's single and album sleeves.

Feature Rich Messageboard

A major part of the webdesign brief incorporated a feature rich messageboard allowing fans of the Pretty Girls Make Graves band to communicate with one-another. Instead of using one of the many generic template messageboards available on the web, Beacon created a fully functioning messageboard from scratch using the latest methods of web design layout. The result is a fast loading messageboard with many interactive features, including personal messages and a 'My Home' section for users of the board to personalise their posts.

Pretty Girls Make Graves Media

PGMG Music videos can be viewed on the website, via RealPlayer streaming technology. The media section gives users the option of viewing high quality or lower quality videos dependant on their modem connection speed to the internet. A Flash music player is also incorporated, allowing people to listen to a track by the band.

Other digital media, such as Desktop Wallpaper and Banners, are also available for download within sub-sections of the Pretty Girls Make Graves Media area. Links to websites containing interviews with the band are listed within the 'Interviews' section.

Pretty Girls Make Graves Photo Gallery

The photo gallery within the website contains over 200 images of the band. Server technology was used to allow these images to be viewed easily. The Pretty Girls Make Graves images were divided into several categories to further increase the usability of the Gallery.

Secure Administration Section

The Pretty Girls Make Graves webdesign contains a password secure administration section allowing administrators of the website to easily update the Tour, News, and Gigography information web pages. The Pretty Girls Make Graves messageboard is also fully controllable by designated administrators. A 'control centre' has been built into the board to allow the main administrator to preform key functions within the board, such as assigning moderator status to users, banning users, etc.

Website Sections

 Pretty Girls Make Graves

The public section of the website is broken up into the following sections:

The Administration area contains the updatable sections, along with a secure login section.

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