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The Ribchester Arms - Ribble Valley Pub and Restaurant Webdesign

 The Ribchester Arms and Country Inn

The Ribchester Arms and Country Inn website, produced for a Ribchester pub, restaurant and accommodation establishment. The Ribchester Arms is a family run, fully licensed pub and restaurant with high quality accommodation services available for guests wishing to experience the peaceful village of Ribchester, set in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire, North West UK.

The website needed to portray the Ribchester Arms in a positive and stylish light, befitting the quality services provided by the Ribble Valley pub and restaurant.

Menu Listings

One of the main elements of the website is the incorporation of the large and varied menu offered by the Ribchester Arms and Country Inn. The restaurant section of the website is therefore split up into sub-sections, to allow visitors of the website to easily access the seperate menus. High quality images of the food available on each menu are used within these sections to enhance the appearance of each web page.

Ribchester Arms Introduction Sections

The 'Introduction' and 'About' sections of the webdesign contain a brief history of the Ribchester Arms and the Joyson family who own and run the establishment. The content of these web pages has been carefully planned to be 'search engine friendly', meaning that relevant keywords queried within Search Engines such as Google will yield the web pages of the Ribchester Arms and Country Inn website.

Professional Photographic Images

A professional photographer was employed by Beacon webdesign to take high quality photographs of The Ribchester Arms and Country Inn. High quality images are vital to the aesthetic of the website, portraying the professional image and reputation that The Ribchester Arms has worked hard to achieve. The digital images are optimised for use on the web, to minimise download time whilst maintaining visual quality.

Search Engine Optimised

The Ribchester Arms and Country Inn website has been designed to rank highly within search engine query results for relative keyword search terms related to Ribble Valley restaurants, pubs and accommodation within the NorthWest UK.

Website Sections

 Ribchester Arms and Country Inn

The Ribchester Arms website has been divided into the following sections:

The Ribchester Arms is located within the peacefull Ribble Valley village of Ribchester, Preston, North West UK.