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CarXtras : Towbar Fitment Brochure Website

 towbars uk webdesign

CarXtras UK specialise in the fitment of towbars and towing equipment to vehicles within the NorthWest UK. The company pride themselves on high quality towbar fitting service and customer care. Only the finest towbar and towing equipment products are provided.

The webdesign project brief stated that the website design compliment the already present CarXtras Towbars logo design. The site serves as a point of contact for people wishing to purchase towbar fitment services and towing equipment for their vehicle.

Towbars Brochure Webdesign

The website was designed in several sections allowing the public to view the towbar services and products offered by CarXtras. A brochure section details the different types of towbars available, along with a description and guide to which product would serve the customer best.

Fast Loading Webdesign

Web optimised graphics and images were used within the webdesign to allow fast loading web pages for all speeds of internet connection. The latest web design techniques are implemented to seperate the content from the style of the website.

Search Engine Optimised

The CarXtras website has been designed to rank highly within search engine query results for relative search terms related to towbars and towing equipment services offered within the UK.

CarXtras Towbar Website Sections

 towbars uk webdesign

The website design is broken up into the following sections:

The CarXtras towbar fitment website is maintained and updated by Beacon webdesign.

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