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 Website design services

Considering a website for your company/organisation?

An entire solution to suit your specific needs will be provided. All aspects of the production and running of your site can be handled by Beacon. However large or small your website project, whether it be a large e-commerce site with online ordering and updatable database of products, or a small static brochure website your require, we can provide a quality solution at a highly competitive cost.

The web presence of your company or organisation is of vital importance for attracting potential customers. A well designed technically 'solid' website will leave visitors with an impression of confidence in your organisation.

Already have a website? How's that working out for you?

An 'update and optimise' service is available for those who currently have a web presence on the internet and are not satisfied with the way in which it is performing. Your concerns may be in-regard to lack of visitors/customers, design aesthetic or the 'ease of use' of your site.

We are confident that we can improve the quality and visibility of your website, hence unlocking the potential of your presence on the web.

Are you getting enough visitors to your site?

Having a website online is not enough. You may have the most aesthetically pleasing site on the internet, but if few people know of its existence then it is not reaching its full potential.

The fantastic rise of search engine popularity (such as Google) means that search engine optimisation of web pages has now become a high priority in webpage design. The sheer volume of websites available on the web means that high ranking in the results of these search engines is very competitive.

Beacon webdesign uses the latest webpage structure techniques to make websites 'search engine friendly', while maintaining that all-important design aesthetic to impress human visitors to the site.

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